Bent Elsultan Detail

Bent Elsultan

on the world tourism map. Egypt comes as the jewel world characterized by its unique location between the countries of the world. And superior to all regions of the world tourist attractions with its tourism potential. Putting it at the forefront of the tourism rating to the content boundaries of natural features and archaeological and religious shrines and entertainment. As tourism is the future, the attention on the government and popular levels - has become a clear and concrete in order to provide all the services for the tourism sector to increase the promotion of tourism activity and the elimination of all constraints. That is why the state focused on the provision of all the services that help to achieve this, having established the airports, provided the latest means of internal transport. It has also given special attention to vital facilities such as telecommunications, water and electricity as well as concern for the environment in order to encourage tourism and recreation. In the introduction to the tourist attractions (Sinai) after the peace covered the boundaries. It was a priority for the provision of services and facilities which led to the prosperity of this precious part of the land of Egypt residential and tourist year after year. • With this in mind, the company constructing the largest and most important tourist village, Bent El Sultan Village in this part of the land of Egypt is a jewel of South Sinai

Features of the project

  • Large tourist village located in the south of the Sinai with an area of 200 acres

  • Overlooking the very large on the Red Sea coast

  • The many entertainment venues of sports fields, swimming and equestrian sport

  • Containing pools on a high level

  • Containing green spaces

  • Large area and roads at the highest level

  • Beaches of the most beautiful beaches of South Sinai


Project Design
Engineering design
The project consists of many different models of villas in the spaces and architectural design + hotel equipped with the highest level of entertainment services for guests

Components of the project
Villas + chalets + apartments
675 unit (second phase)

Apartments and villas spaces units
Spaces 72 & 108

Payment Option
Payment of 10% and the rest on installment 3 years
Or 20% and the rest on 4 years

It contains many recreational areas for children, youth and adults + shopping areas + horses +72 swimming pool other than the wonderful coast and green areas

Finishing Specifications
Super lux
Finishing Lux
Half Finished
Unfinished (according to the client)